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Welcome to Móveis Casa da Serra.
With more than 30 years of experience in the market, we have a range of products with excellence in quality, innovation and design to meet all its customers.

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Welcome to Móveis Casa da Serra.

A dream that appeared more than 30 years ago and, with that, the desire to develop products and offer stories, moments, memories and care. Today, this dream is passed on to generations who share comfort, stories and moments lived with joy in the family.

We are located in the beautiful Serra Gaúcha and we have a team of highly qualified professionals, dedicated and committed to always offering quality, innovation and design to serve all our customers with wooden furniture. These products continue for generations as souvenirs.

Móveis Casa da Serra, in addition to enjoying comfort, also seeks sophistication and beauty in every detail. With that, we do our part: offer the best product for you!

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